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10 Things You Will Feel When You Decide To Live in Bali

Live in Bali

Bali Visa Info – A beautiful island, also known as the island of a thousand temples or the island of the Gods, has unique facts or other information that is rarely known and is interesting to know.

For tourists, of course they are more interested in exploring and finding interesting information about the existence of tourist attractions, culture and arts on the island of Bali, tourist services and other tourism information, however, there are many unique facts that are rarely exposed about the island of Bali.

But what about those of you who want to decide to live in Bali? This time we will review what you will feel when you decide to stay in Bali.

1. Halal Food, No Halal Food

For those of you who are Muslims, this is certainly very crucial, especially for those of you who may not have time to cook for yourself at home.

Don’t worry, there are many halal food stalls in Bali. Such as tempong rice stalls, soto, rawon, even meatballs and chicken noodles are mushrooming on the roadside in Bali. Even lesehan stalls such as pecel catfish and nasi uduk are starting to be found on the sides of the road wherever you are.

2. Adzhan voice

For those of you who are Muslims, the sound of the azdan for prayer reminders will be greatly missed, this is because in one sub-district there is only one mosque, and even then, it is rare. But even so, use the application on your cellphone for markers.

3. Lots of Mixed Costs

It is rare in Bali to find boarding houses specifically for men or women, however for security matters in Bali it is very safe.

4. Distinctive accent and accent

You will be amazed when you hear a native Balinese speak, the tone is fast, loud but soft at the same time, and the accent when pronouncing the letter “t” which at first glance sounds like “d”.

5. Will Find the Same Name

It could be that in a day you get acquainted with 3 people named Putu, 4 people named Made, 5 people named Komang, and so on. But does that mean they are brothers? Of course not guys.

  • The first names of Balinese people indicate their birth order.
  • The first child is usually named Wayan, Putu, Luh for girls.
  • The second child is usually named Kadek or Made.
  • The third child is usually named Nyoman or Komang.
  • The fourth child is named Ketut.

In addition to birth order, there are also those that indicate certain castes such as Cokorda, Gusti, Gede, Anak Agung, Ida Bagus, etc.

6. How to Dress a Balinese Girl

It seems that the style of dress for Balinese girls today is almost the same as the style of dress for girls in other areas. They are still hits wearing short jeans by showing their long legs.

7. Many Tourist Attractions

Moreover, what will be discussed about Bali if it is not a tourist place, if you decide to live and work in Bali you will also feel a vacation here every day.

8. Many Foreigners

Because Bali is a world-scale holiday destination, of course Bali is filled with foreign tourists. Maybe not infrequently you will get friends from other countries.

9. Traditional Ceremonies Almost Every Day

This will also be what you will see every day, maybe where you live around you just yesterday held the Ngaben ceremony. Then tomorrow there will be a mass Metatah (tooth cutting) ceremony, it looks like you will get used to it.

10. Bali Teaches You About Tolerance

When you are at Kuta beach you can see a group of Hindus carrying out the Melasti Ceremony, while next to it are lined up Caucasians who are sunbathing in bikinis, and not far to the north of the beach you see veiled mothers feeding their children.

But all looked happy and cheerful, as if there was no prejudice against other people. If you can be a person who is open minded and away from prejudice, you will be the person who will be missed the most.


Those are just a few of the things you will encounter when you choose to live in Bali. Hopefully it can be your reference material and useful.

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