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The Bali Arts Festival is an annual arts parade or festival initiated by the Bali Provincial Government, and serves as a forum for the activities and creativity of artists in an effort to support government programs in terms of extracting, preserving, and developing Balinese cultural arts values.

It doesn’t feel right, does it, if you are on vacation in Bali but haven’t visited the Bali Arts Festival? Even though during this pandemic it was held online, you shouldn’t miss one of the best festivals.

The History of the Bali Arts Festival Begins

The Bali Provincial Government, since 1979, by the late Ida Bagus Mantra initiated and initiated a people’s party forum, which until now has been called the “Bali Arts Festival”.

Where, the Bali Arts Festival staged various works of creation, art, and artistic aspirations, both reconstructed art, innovative art, artistic attractions and appreciation of the arts and culture of the community.

The Bali Arts Festival, which was held for the first time in 1979, lasted approximately 2 months (20 June 1979 to 23 August 1979).

In the history of travel, this folk art festival is generally opened by high-ranking state officials. Only in the first PKB was opened by Ida Bagus Mantra, who at that time served as the Governor of Bali as well as the initiator of the PKB. The rest of the opening of the PKB is carried out by the Minister, Vice President, President and First Lady.

The Purpose of the Bali Arts Festival

Preservation of cultural arts, among others, by displaying classical arts that are almost extinct and buried in society.

The Bali Arts Festival is a medium and a means of motivating people to explore, discover, display cultural arts and improve welfare for the community.

Excavation and preservation of this cultural arts includes philosophy, noble and universal values, basic concepts, cultural heritage, whether object or not, which has historical value, science and art as a representation of civilization and the development of art through creation, innovation, adaptation. culture, with the hope of staying alive and sustainable in the context of changing times and times and in an ever-changing environment.

The 44th Bali Arts Festival in 2022 takes the theme Danu Kerthi Huluning Amerta

Danu Kerthi Huluning Amerta is defined as the Source of Life. It is hoped that the artists in Bali can prepare beautiful and quality works and can understand the essence of the theme.

The Governor of Bali said that the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Bali made culture the spearhead of Bali’s development, because building culture would have a systemic impact on the development of other fields. So far, Balinese culture has been well maintained by the community through traditional villages and various professional organizations (sekaa).

The Bali Arts Festival is contained in the Bali Provincial Regulations

The basis for organizing the Bali Arts Festival is the Regional Regulation of the Province of Bali Number 07 of 1986 concerning the “Bali Arts Festival” which was later revised by the Regional Regulation of the Province of Bali Number 4 of 2006.

The subject matter of the Bali Arts Festival broadly consists of ; parades, parades, competitions, performances, exhibitions, workshops and training.

Presentation of Every Artist’s Creation

Balinese art that is displayed is an offering and the resulting creation is also an offering. This is still being used. Offerings of art and works of art contain the meaning of sincere liberation which in Hinduism is often referred to as yadnya.

Yadnya that is offered through art and creative works makes the result of his creation the best offering, so as far as possible an artist will not present his or her work which is the ugliest or the worst, moreover the offering is in the form of art and creative works born of cultivation as the head of love and compassion. spiritual civilization of society’s arts.


People who are in the process of changing their ways and attitudes of life due to globalization and contact with the outside world, are worried about a paradigm shift in viewing culture.

For this reason, the government is here to strengthen and advance culture with various strategies ranging from regulations, education, infrastructure, institutions, cooperation, funding, to incentives and awards.

With this artistic award, it is hoped that culture as the upstream of development, Bali will be resilient to change and even make change an opportunity to move forward.

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