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The famous designer of leather shoes and accessories from Bali, Niluh Djelantik

niluh djelantik

Bali Visa Info – Artist, literally has the meaning as an artist where artist or artist is a subjective term that refers to someone who is creative, innovative, or proficient in the field of art. The most frequent use is to refer to people who create works of art, such as painting, sculpture, acting, dance, literature, film and music (Wikipedia).

Niluh Djelantik, have you ever heard of this name before? Yes, Niluh Djelantik is an artist where he is a leather shoe designer whose products are very well known.

To know more closely, let’s discuss the work and background of a Niluh Djelantik.

Background Of A Niluh Djelantik

Full name Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik or better known as Niluh Djelantik (born June 15, 1975) is an Indonesian designer.

Before seriously pursuing shoe design, Djelantik won the Best Fashion Brand & Designer award from The Yak Awards 2010.

His love for shoes led him to pursue a shoe business which is now known to the world. Not only winning awards, this label has also penetrated Globus Switzerland, one of the leading retailers in 2011. This achievement continued in 2012, where Djelantik then had the opportunity to collaborate with retailers from Russia.

Coming from a simple and hardworking family

Djelantik comes from a simple family. His parents divorced when Djelantik was one year old. Raised by his mother alone, Djelantik often accompanied his mother to trade in the market.

Little Djelantik hardly ever got new shoes. The shoes he had were always too big and never fit his feet. These shoes only feel right when they are damaged and have holes. Since then, footwear has always been Djelantik’s concern.

Career of a Niluh Djelantik

In 1994, Niluh Djelantik went to Jakarta to study at Gunadarma University.

Niluh Djelantik is studying while working, namely as a telephone operator at a Swiss textile company.

After completing his education in Jakarta, Djelantik returned to Bali and worked in a clothing company owned by Paul Ropp, an American national.

Furthermore, Djelantik was trusted to occupy the position of marketing director in 2012. Here, Djelantik has succeeded in bringing his career soaring and opening ten new boutiques in several locations. This success took him flying New York.

The Beginning of the Nilou and Niluh Djelantik Brands

In 2003, Niluh Djelantik had to choose to live in New York or in Bali. Because at that time Niluh Djelantik fell ill and was not allowed to travel long distances for 6 months. Finally Djelantik settled back to Bali.

Djelantik tried his luck by collaborating with Cedric Cador, the man who later became her husband. Cedric often sells Indonesian goods in Europe.

From this collaboration, the label “Nilou” was born, where the shoe manufacturing process under this label was strictly monitored by Djelantik and was carried out conventionally.

From Nilou Brand to Niluh Djelantik Brand

In mid-2007, Djelantik received offers from Australian and French agents to expand its wings by mass-producing shoes under its label. However, Djelantik refused the offer.

Who would have thought from the rejection that Djelantik had missed a big thing from his patent rights, finally without his knowledge the bidders had patented Nilou and continued to mass produce Nilou products in Hong Kong.

Djelantik in 2008, Djelantik patented his own trademark with a new name namely “Niluh Djelantik” a good strategy to keep his work in his name.

Niluh Djelantik Adapts during the Pandemic from Shoemaker to Mask

Djelantik admits that during this pandemic he has felt his hard work has been shattered. How not, Djelantik had to close all of its stores during March 2020.

But even so, Djelantik still has to adapt and not waver over this pandemic situation. So Djelantik tried to make masks for his personal collection, unexpectedly after being posted by many fans.

Djelantik feels there is an inner turmoil, where from a shoemaker he can become and produce masks. What was initially only for social purposes, Djelantik thought more ahead.

Currently Djelantik cooperates with many SMEs in Bali to produce masks from Balinese weaving.

And now the masks have been marketed and exported to various foreign countries through JNE.


Even though life is being turned by the wheel of life, at least we can still help each other’s troubles.

“When we wake up, we still have to hold other hands. Life is beautiful if we share it,” a message from a Niluh Djelantik.


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