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Watching Dolphins at Lovina Beach


Visa Bali Info – Lovina Beach or Lovina is located about 9 km west of the city of Singaraja, this is one of the attractions in North Bali.

The attraction there is the dolphin attraction. Either directly on the high seas or you watch in an artificial pool and another option is snorkeling in Lovina.

Lovina Beach Name History

The name “Lovina” comes from the word “Love” from English which means love and “Ina” from Balinese which means mother. Combined, Lovina means Mother’s love.

The word “mother” here is connoted as “Motherland” which means Indonesia.

Lovina is the name of an inn owned by Anak Agung Panji Tisna which has been established since 1953. When the capital city of Bali was moved from Singaraja City to Denpasar, the economic situation in Singaraja city was declining.

This is what makes tourism entrepreneurs to form tourist areas in the Singaraja city area.

Lovina’s name was finally immortalized as the name of the beach at the discretion of the local community.

Seeing Dolphins at Lovina Beach

The Lovina tourist area is very famous for its wild dolphin shows in the middle of the sea. On this beach there are hundreds of dolphins. To be able to see dolphins in action, you have to go to the middle of the sea before sunrise. Dolphins will appear in the middle of the sea between 6 and 8 in the morning.

Tourists who visit can rent a traditional fishing boat which is specially provided for tours to see dolphins in the middle of the sea. While heading to the middle of the sea to watch the dolphin show, you can also see the beautiful and natural waters of the Lovina sea.

Other Activities at Lovina Beach Besides Dolphins

Besides you can enjoy wild dolphins in the middle of Lovina Beach, this beach also offers water sports such as snorkeling. Here you will be presented with unspoiled marine life.

Here you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset, fishing or just enjoy the cafes around the beach that provide live music.

Lovina Beach Location

Lovina Beach is located on the coast of North Bali, precisely in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng Regency. The full address is on Jalan Binaria, close to the Kalibukbuk Buddhist Temple.

From the city of Singaraja, this beach is 10 km from the west of the city.

For those of you who arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, the distance to Lovina Beach is about 92 km.

Facilities at Lovina Beach

These facilities include boat rentals, various culinary attractions, diving equipment rentals, and several lodging options near the beach.

In addition, there are many other tourist attractions that are relatively close to Lovina Beach. That way your vacation will also be more exciting without having to spend a lot of time on the trip.

Lovina Beach Opening Hours

Besides being free, Lovina Beach also has no operating hours. That means, there are no limits on opening and closing hours so you can freely visit anytime.

However, if you want to see dolphin attractions at Lovina Beach Bali, then you are required to follow the schedule, which is around 05.30 – 06.00 in the morning.

So, for those of you who feel bored enjoying your holiday in southern Bali. It’s worth trying to vacation in northern Bali.

Apart from that, the atmosphere is still relatively calm and away from the crowds. North Bali is also no less beautiful than southern Bali.

Once again, for those of you who want to see or watch dolphin attractions in the middle of the sea. It’s good to wake up early because the dolphins will only appear in the morning.

No need to worry because around the beach there are many inns for you to spend the night on Lovina beach.

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