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Exciting Vacation During Nyepi in Bali


Visa Bali Info – Wikipedia, Nyepi is a Hindu holy day which is celebrated every Saka New Year. Today falls on the count of Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is believed to be the day of purification of the gods who are in the center of the ocean who carry the essence of the amerta of living water. For that Hindus perform sacred worship of them.

For 2022, Nyepi falls on March 3, 2022. For those of you who are on vacation in Bali during Nyepi, this is a good experience for sure.

Well, here are some interesting things when you are on vacation in Bali during Nyepi ;

1. Nyepi Time

Nyepi lasts for 24 hours from sunrise or usually starts at 06.00 WITA. The seclusion will be completed 24 hours later, at 06.00 WITA the next day.

This year, Nyepi will begin on Thursday (3/3/2021) at 06.00 WITA and will last until Friday (4/3/2021) at 06.00 WITA.

2. Hindu taboos on Nyepi Day

Nyepi Day is celebrated by carrying out chess brata sepian or four taboos.

There are four taboos that Hindus observe on Nyepi Day, namely observing work (not working), observing lelungan (not traveling), observing geni (not lighting a fire), and observing eleganuan (not having fun).

3. Carefully choose the plane ticket

On Nyepi Day, airports, ports and terminals will stop operating.

Therefore, if you want to come to Bali during Nyepi or even leave Nyepi before Nyepi takes place, you must carefully choose your flight schedule.

Don’t get stuck at the airport. It’s best to buy a plane ticket after Nyepi day. If you are stuck at the airport during Nyepi then you cannot get out of the airport and are forced to stay there.

4. A series of captivating cultural performances

Many performances are held before and after Nyepi. For example, Hindus will perform Melasti (praying at sea) two days before Nyepi.

Meanwhile, the day before Nyepi, there will usually be a Mecaru or ogoh-ogoh parade. For the performance the day after Nyepi, you can see the omed-omedan tradition or mass kissing to ward off reinforcements.

5. Don’t make noise and create lighting

One of the prohibitions during Nyepi in Bali is not to make a fuss. Better keep your composure. Don’t watch television, listen to music, or talk too loudly.

Also, don’t turn on the lights too much. Just turn on one to two room lights so that the lighting remains dim or not too bright. Close the bedroom curtains tightly so that no light is visible from the outside.

6. Cheaper hotel prices

Hotels often use Nyepi as an event to provide low-priced stay packages.

Usually the package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, there are also various kinds of interesting activities as entertainment for hotel guests during Nyepi.

Package prices to stay for three days and two nights are also priced at 50 percent cheaper than normal days.

7. Don’t leave the inn

The next prohibition is not to leave the inn. Tourists will be allowed to walk around the hotel environment. So, you don’t necessarily get stuck in the room. Take this time to try out the hotel facilities.

Do not be desperate to travel outside the inn. Even desperate to come to a public place. The reason is, there is always a pecalang or customary patrol officer to supervise. If you are caught out of the inn, you will be herded back to the inn by them.

The air in Bali looks clean because the air is clean without pollution. You can see the Bali sky filled with stars during Nyepi Day.

During Nyepi you will have a spiritual experience by doing yoga or meditation amidst the silence of Nyepi.

So, a holiday during Nyepi in Bali is not less fun. Instead you will have an exciting experience in it.

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