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10 Buleleng Tourist Attractions That You Must Visit When Vacationing to Bali


Visa Bali Info – Buleleng is one of the regencies in the province of Bali, Indonesia. The capital city is Singaraja. Buleleng is bordered by the Java Sea to the north, the Bali Strait to the west, and Karangasem Regency to the east. Jembrana, Bangli, Tabanan and Badung regencies in the south (wikipedia).

Buleleng besides having beach attractions, Buleleng also has other attractions. For example, waterfalls, hot springs, temples or dams are here.

Here are 10 interesting tourist attractions that you must visit while on vacation in Buleleng ;

1. Celukan Bawang Pier at Gerokgak Buleleng Bali

The Celukan Bawang Pier Tourism Object in Gerokgak Buleleng Bali is one of the ports in Bali that is plotted as a Marina. In addition to Benoa Harbor, which is still hampered by the RIP (Port Master Plan), Celukan Bawang Pier will soon be transformed into a Marina Port to bring some cruise ships to Bali.

The location of this pier is quite strategic. From this port you can continue your tour to any place in Bali. For your tour, you will be facilitated by a freeland taxi. This taxi will take you to all places, especially in the Buleleng area.

2. Krisna Adventure at Sukasada Buleleng Bali

Krisna Adventure is a family tourism vehicle. Here is provided a challenging playground. In addition, you will be presented with beautiful natural scenery.

Krisna Adventure Tourism Object in Sukasada Buleleng Bali has a charm of beauty that is very interesting to visit. It is a pity if you are in the city of Buleleng not to visit the Krisna Adventure Tourism Object in Sukasada Buleleng Bali which has a beauty that is second to none.

3. Buyan Lake in Sukasada Buleleng Bali

Lake Buyan Tourism Object in Sukasada Buleleng Bali is one of three twin lakes formed in a large caldera. It is flanked by two other lakes, namely Lake Tamblingan in the west and Lake Beratan in the east. Lake Buyan is the largest of the three. Between Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, which are separated by a forest of approximately one kilometer, there is a pond that is directly connected to Lake Buyan through a narrow canal.

4. Sekumpul Waterfalls in Sawan Buleleng Bali

Because of its height, we can enjoy this waterfall from a distance before we enter the waterfall area. There are 2 waterfalls that fall and the source of the waterfall is covered by the thick green trees that cover the surface of the hill. These 2 adjacent waterfalls have different characters and origins, the first waterfall has the form of a single flowing waterfall like a waterfall that is often encountered and comes from a mountain spring.

The second has a higher height than the first waterfall, has the form of a waterfall that dangles like a mosquito net and comes from the flow of a river. So during the rainy season. The first waterfall, the waterfall remains clear, while the second waterfall will be cloudy brown.

5. Batu Sungu Beach in Singaraja Buleleng Bali

The northern coast of Bali Island, namely Batu Sungu Beach Tourism Object in Singaraja Buleleng Bali, also has its own exoticism, but only not much exposed in terms of tourism. The sound of the waves that are not too loud becomes a natural song that is heard when you are here. The activities of the residents of this coastal village, including children playing agile here and there, will be a rare sight that is not found in urban areas.

6. Banyuwedang Hot Spring

Banyuwedang means hot water. Banyuwedang hot water is a hot spring. This place is close to the beach. If you go to the beach, you can pamper your body here.

The facilities provided are very good and comfortable. You can visit it easily, because of its strategic location. In addition, you will feel the benefits of the hot water, because it is given ingredients that relax the body.

7. Puri Agung Buleleng

In this castle you can enjoy a variety of new offers. The castle is open to the public. So you can visit this place. In addition to enjoying its beauty, you will be presented with a lot of knowledge.

For example, about the cultural patterns that exist in the area. In addition, this place is suitable for taking pictures. Your vacation is not complete if you haven’t visited this place.

8. Maduwe Karang Temple

This temple is also known as the Meduwe Karang temple. This temple is called the main temple in Bali. This temple is famous for its statues and flower-shaped decorations that are characteristic of Buleleng.

In this place is also used as worship. You can visit here, because this place holds a lot of history. You can get knowledge. In addition, this place is suitable for pre-wedding photos.

9. Culinary Blayag Typical Buleleng in Singaraja Buleleng Bali

Blayag Culinary Tourism Typical of Buleleng in Singaraja Buleleng Bali is a traditional food that is actually increasingly in demand. Especially those who like exploring regional specialties. Blayag is a food consisting of tipat blayag, peanuts or soybeans, coconut sauce and nyat-nyat chicken broth and vegetables. When Bondalem Coral Day took place in Bondalem Village, Blayag became one of the main menus at the culinary booth.

10. Tomb of Jayaprana and Layonsari in Gerokgak Buleleng Bali

This is a love story that ended tragically with the couple Nyoman Jayaprana and Ni Layonsari. This legendary romantic story is like the story of Romeo – Juliet in Europe and Sampek – Engthai in China. Many Hindus come here to make pilgrimages, and it is not uncommon for tourists to come to find out more about the existence of the tomb.

This tourist attraction of the Jayaprana and Layonsari Tombs in Gerokgak Buleleng Bali is made of a temple, located on a hill, offering views of the Teluk Accept sea, the breeze that blows between tropical trees makes the body feel fresh, after walking hundreds of meters from the highway. Many visitors come with the aim of praying at the time of the full moon, tilem (dead moon) and also other big days.

With the legendary story and evidence of eating in the middle of the Teluk Accept forest, this place has become a pilgrimage tourist spot for Hindus. The death of the loyal servant due to deception and being deceived by the king himself, becomes an interesting story and is packaged in a theater, drama and ballet package, well known for its populist story.

Well, the 10 tourist attractions that we recommend for you while in Buleleng can be useful for your vacation. Happy Holidays..

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