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The Special of Tanah Lot

Bali Visa Info – Tanah Lot Are you thinking about vacation plans? Bali can be your main choice, have you thought about where to go when you go to Bali? Well, try to visit one of the tourist attractions in Bali on this one. Of the many tourist attractions in Bali, one of them is Tanah Lot Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple is a place of worship for Balinese Hindus. Tanah Lot is an exotic tourist spot with views of the sea and the beauty of the sunset.

To complete a brief literacy before going on vacation to Tanah Lot Temple, the discussion below can be used as material for a little knowledge.

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A Brief History of Tanah Lot Temple

In the 15th century, Bhagawan Dang Hyang Nirartha or known as Dang Hyang Dwijendra carried out a mission to spread Hinduism from Java to Bali.

It is said that Dang Hyang Nirartha saw a holy light from the southern sea of ​​Bali. So Dang Hyang Nirartha looked for the location of the light. He arrived at a beach in the village of Beraban Tabanan.

At that time Beraban Village was led by the Bendesa Beraban Sakti, who strongly opposed the teachings of Dang Hyang Nirartha in spreading Hinduism because the Bendesa Beraban Sakti adhered to monotheism.

After meditating on a rock that resembled a parrot and by all means wanted to be expelled by the local authorities, Dang Hyang Nirartha moved the rock (where he meditated) to the middle of the beach with spiritual power. The rock is named Tanah Lot which means rock in the middle of the ocean.

After the incident, the Bendesa Beraban Sakti acknowledged the supernatural power of Dang Hyang Nirartha. He also became his followers to embrace Hinduism along with the entire local population.

Many Temples

Tanah Lot not only has two temples, but many temples around it. In addition to the Tanah Lot Luhur Temple and Batu Bolong Temple. Here are the temples in Tanah Lot that you can visit;

  • Jero Kandang Temple
  • Pengawang Temple
  • Penataran Temple
  • Pekedungan Temple
  • Batu Mejan Temple or Beji Temple
  • Enjung Galuh Temple

Coral Island

Karang Island is the main focus of two temple buildings that have become icons of Bali, namely Pura Luhur and Pura Bolong.

Well, Tanah Lot is known as a place of worship for Hindus which is located on a large rock.

Religious ceremony

The special another of Tanah Lot is being able to witness religious ceremonies. One of the ceremonies that you can witness is the Piodalan religious ceremony (the anniversary of the temple). This ceremony is held once every 210 days according to the Saka calendar.

Tanah Lot Sacred Snake Cave

The Tanah Lot snake cave is a destination not far from Tanah Lot, in this cave there are snakes that are believed to be the guardians of the temple in Tanah Lot.

The snake in this cave is a type of sea snake that has white stripes with a white tail. So, for those of you who want to see this snake up close, it’s better with the handler who is there. Because this snake venom is very dangerous and not just any to be seen up close.

Tanah Lot Holy Water Cave

Well, the specialty of Tanah Lot this time is that not far from the sacred snake cave there is also a holy water cave that has a flow that comes from the middle of the sea. Surprisingly, the water flowing in this holy water cave tastes fresh water even though this water comes from the middle of the sea on the island of Bali. In addition, it is also a myth that this holy water can keep us young.

The water source in this sacred cave is sacred, and is used for religious ceremonies for Balinese Hindus.

Tanah Lot Beach

Although there are many large rocks, this beach is never deserted by tourists because from this Tanah Lot beach we are presented with natural views of rocks that are lined up neatly and elegantly.

You can also watch the Kecak Dance Fire Show at Surya Mandala Cultural Park, which is located west of Batu Bolong Temple or Melasti Restaurant.

Isn’t it a shame if you miss it when you visit Bali? Tanah Lot with all its beauty and the special it will make you so impressed when you visit it.

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