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The Famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Bali Visa 2021 –  Tegalalang Rice Terrace  Administratively, Tegalalang is located in Gianyar Regency with an area of ​​61.8 km². Anyone who wants to visit Tegalalang can do it at any time because it is open 24 hours and there are no fees.

Tegalalang History

Around the 18th century there was the kingdom of Dalem Sukawati, in the kingdom of Sukawati there were two crown princes, brothers, namely I Dewa Agung Gede (Dewagung Gede) and I Dewa Agung Made (Dewagung Made).

The journey of the royal story did not go well, there was a quarrel between the two crown princes Dewagung Gede and Dewagung Made. Dewagung Made wanted the Sukawati kingdom to be divided into 2 (two), namely the area from Mas village to the south to be held by his brother I Dewa Agung Gede, with the center of government in Sukawati. Meanwhile, from Mas to the north to be held by I Dewa Agung Made himself with the center of government in Peliatan. Dewagung Made’s wish was not immediately approved by Dewagung Gede’s older brother, so that the dispute escalated in the Sukawati Kingdom.

With the increasingly heated situation, Dewagung Made left the Sukawati kingdom with the other cokorda brothers and some of his loyal retinues. Arriving in Badung Dewagung Made temporarily stayed (mesandekan) at Puri Arya I Gusti Jambe Tangkeban (Kiayi Tangkeban).

After going through deliberation, Dewagung Made then continued his journey to the Mengwi area accompanied by Kiayi Tangkeban. Arriving at Mengwi Dewagung Made met his uncle I Gusti Agung Putu Agung (Gusti Agung Putu). After Gusti Agung Putu heard the story from Dewagung Gede, the uncle felt sorry for his nephew who was being hit by a complicated problem.

Furthermore, Gusti Agung Putu sent a letter to Dewagung Gede so that all his brother’s mistakes could be forgiven and the kinship could return to normal. However, the reply to the letter did not match the expectations of Gusti Agung Putu, and he was even accused of being very supportive of Dewagung Made. Dewagung Gede’s outright refusal made Gusti Agung Putu furious. There he gave advice to Dewagung Made to immediately arrange preparations to attack Rakanda I Dewa Agung Gede in Sukawati.

Dewaagung Made immediately devised a strategy by paralyzing several areas around the Sukawati Kingdom, one of the areas that Dewagung Made subdued was Jenggala Kusara. While peace and security are guaranteed, more and more people come to see the fertility of Jenggala Kusara which is very suitable to be occupied.

In 1750 the Sukawati Kingdom experienced a coup by Arya Munang, after hearing the news all the former Sukawati knights who were divided now united to expel Arya Munang.

After the Sukawati kingdom was recaptured, Dewagung Gede was again appointed as king in Sukawati and Dewagung Made settled in Puri Peliatan. Meanwhile, Cokorda Ketut Segara became a retainer at Jenggala Kusara. Since then Jenggala Kusara knows the government. The mention of Jenggala Kusara’s name gradually faded, because most people have started to know the translation of Jenggala Kusara which means Tegal Reeds, and then the silk became “TEGALLALANG“.

tegalalang rice terrace

What’s interesting in Tegalalang

As described above, where Jenggala Kusara “Tegalalang” is very fertile, this area has an attraction in the form of terraced rice fields. The steps form a kind of rice terraces that can be traced. This area also looks more beautiful with many trees that create a shady atmosphere under the hot sun.

Here when you visit, you can take pictures or beswafoto with the theme of Farmers. For the property itself, usually the farmers here will be happy to lend their farming tools for you to take pictures with.

Even though everything looks easy, you also still have to respect the condition of the rice fields and the farmers there don’t just step on the rice fields.

Spots Vacation in Tegalalang

Here is a list vacation spots in Tegalalang

  1. Rice Terraces
  2. Mason Elephant Park
  3. Gallery There is Garuda
  4. Uma Pakel Agro Tourism
  5. Alas Harum Agro Tourism
  6. Manuaba Waterfall
  7. Temple of Dalem Wingit
  8. Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple
  9. Kumulilir
  10. Manik Abian Bali Agriculture
  11. Avani Spa at Aksari Resort Ubud



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