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Bali Island the Magical Power !

Bali Visa 2021- Bali Island A small island with an area of ​​about 5,780.06 km2, even though it is small, Bali has a magical power to invite anyone to visit the island. Why is it magical? the beautiful landscape with white sand beaches, mountains and visits by local residents that makes anyone visiting Bali will get a special impression.

Bali is a part of a province in Indonesia. The capital city is Denpasar, with a population density of 4,317,404 (2020 data) with a density of 747 km². Currently Bali is led by a regional head named I Wayan Koster.

The largest religion in Bali is Hinduism, Hinduism (86.91%) Islam (10.05%) Christian (2.35%) Protestant (1.56%) Catholic (0.79%) Buddhist 0.68% Confucianism 0.01%.

Besides consisting of the island of Bali, the province of Bali also consists of the surrounding smaller islands, namely the island of Nusa Penida, the island of Nusa Lembongan, the island of Nusa Ceningan, the island of Serangan, and the island of Menjangan.

The Island of the Gods

The majority of Balinese people are Hindus, that’s why every house in Bali will have a temple. This is why Bali is nicknamed the Island of the Gods and the Island of a Thousand Temples.

The existence of the holy place of the temple in addition to being a place of ancestral spirits, sacred teachers or Hindu religious figures in ancient Bali in the past, is also a place of the gods which is a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa or God Almighty, so it is not surprising that the name the island of the Gods and the island of a thousand temples for this island of Bali.

In his belief, Hindus believe in the existence of many gods, where these gods are held in a number of Hindu temples. The Balinese Hindu community strongly believes in God, Dewa comes from the word “Div” which means light, so that God is the holy light of Ida Sang Hyang widi Wasa or God Almighty and the only one.

God and God are analogous to the sun and its rays, the sun is only one and gives many holy rays to the world, and these holy rays are known as Gods who have different functions and tasks.

The plural designation for Gods is Dewata, this is the origin of why Bali was given the nickname the Island of the Gods.

bali island

Icons of Indonesian tourism

The beauty of nature and the uniqueness of culture which is closely related to Hinduism, as well as the varied tourist attractions are what make Bali an icon of Indonesian tourism.

The culture and customs that are still very closely held by the Balinese people are what attract foreign tourists to come to Bali Indonesia, where in their country of course the culture and customs of local wisdom are difficult to find.

Tourist spots in Bali Island

It is undeniable, Bali is a magnet for tourists. Here is the data that we can share for those of you who are going to start a vacation on the island of Bali.

  1. Kuta Beach, the first iconic tourist spot when you arrive in Bali 
  2. Garuda Kencana cultural park
  3. Bukit campuhan
  4. Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  5. Besakih Temple
  6. Panglipuran village
  7. Uluwatu sublime temple
  8. Melasti beach
  9. Tanah lot temple
  10. View of Kintamani Lake and Mount Batur
  11. Bali safari marine park
  12. Seminyak
  13. Tegalalang rice terraces
  14. Amed, where you can diving here
  15. Menjangan Island nature beauty

Yes, the list of tourist spots above are some of the tourist spots in Bali, of course there are still many varied tours in Bali. Before you get curious let’s go to the Bali and enjoy the magical power of this island ! 


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